This is Born Bizzy

Born Bizzy is the brainchild of two mamas, Han and Rach.

We’re two pals living on opposite sides of the world. Rach, who lives in Australia and Han who lives in the UK. We spent our first maternity leave together in Sydney keeping each other company while raising our tiny humans. 

Han moved back to the UK and we both had our second bubs, except this time on opposite sides of the globe. Now, with energetic preschoolers each to entertain, we found ourselves frustrated at the single-use nature of so many children’s products that were a one hit wonder with our kids or just downright inappropriate to take out of the house (giant fire truck, we're looking at you).

And so Born Bizzy was born. A brand that makes taking little people out easy. A brand that champions mess-free, portable and reusable fun for when you’re on the move. A brand that is a more sustainable choice, made to last, that you can feel good about supporting.

Our first product range to launch is our Born Bizzy reusable silicone drawing mats. The range of mats have been purposefully designed to capture the attention of the busiest little people and rest assured, we’ve road tested them on some very energetic littlies!

We love them, our kids love them and we think you will too.

So what’s next? Well, world domination obviously. We’re bizzy* working away bringing our ideas to life and we can’t wait to show you what’s in the making.

Han & Rach